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A root canal is a highly effective tool that Flora Tajalli, DDS, at Acclaim Dental uses to save patients’ teeth when they experience significant decay or damage. And it’s not the painful process you might imagine, either. To learn more about the quick, comfortable root canals available at Acclaim Dental, call the Herndon, Virginia, office, or book your visit online today.

Root Canals

What’s a root canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure that allows Acclaim Dental to preserve a tooth even when it’s significantly damaged. For example, root canals are often used when a tooth gets cracked or has a deep cavity. 

Without treatment, the damage to the tooth could lead to infection in the surrounding soft tissue or tooth loss. But, thanks to a root canal, Acclaim Dental can restore your tooth and protect your overall oral health. 

What happens during a root canal?

The goal during a root canal is to remove the damaged or infected part of your tooth while ensuring the healthy part of your tooth stays intact. 

This means removing the sensitive pulp — which consists of nerves and soft tissue — from the interior of your tooth. This puts a stop to any tooth pain you experience. 

Next, the team cleans and disinfects the tooth, ensuring that any infection doesn’t spread to other areas of your mouth. Finally, they fill and seal the tooth, protecting it against any further damage. 

If a significant portion of your tooth is removed during your root canal, the team may recommend a crown. This is a cap that goes over the top of your tooth, restoring it to its full shape and giving you a strong, stable surface for biting and chewing. 

If you do need a crown, they color match it to your surrounding teeth so you can still enjoy a full, beautiful smile. 

Is a root canal painful?

No. Most people associate a root canal with discomfort, but that’s primarily because of the tooth pain they experience leading up to the procedure itself. A root canal is actually an excellent way to put a stop to any tooth pain and restore comfort in your mouth. 

Acclaim Dental ensures you’re completely numb during your root canal so you can relax during your procedure. Generally, pain after the root canal is mild and manageable with over-the-counter pain medication. 

You might have some sensitivity in the surrounding tissue for a few days after the procedure, but that dissipates with time. Once it does, you’ll enjoy a pain-free mouth. 

Tooth damage or infection doesn’t have to lead to a gap in your smile. To learn more about how a root canal can save your tooth, call Acclaim Dental or schedule your appointment online today.